About the Event

IHTEF Africa

The Organisers of International Hospitality, Tourism and Eco-Sustainability Forum(IHTEF) has announced the date for this epoch hotel and tourism forum.


According to the Executive Director of IHTEF and CEO, Sustainable Eco6tem, Chibuikem Diala, "IHTEF is now in its 5th Edition

IHTEF is not just a ‘conference’, it is a knowledge platform for deeply insightful and excellent minds bringing together, Thought Leaders, Visionaries, Tourism Experts, Investors, Governments, Hotel Owners, Hotel Workers, etc such that will help in driving excellence and achieving sustainability in the sector. IHTEF is a new approach to managing growth; building up life time careers paths for workers in the industry, in addition to helping participants cast visions on how to fully achieve their expectations in the hospitality and tourism sector. IHTEF is a hospitality marketplace for stakeholders from diverse platforms to connect, to excel and to grow national economies through the development of the sector.

IHTEF is committed to laying the ‘knowledge’ infrastructure for a post oil economy via tourism- exploring the rich storylines of the Nigeria’s hospitality, cultures and costumes - its uncommon biodiversity and rich ecosystem will be a sure strategy that guarantees gainful employment, wealth creation, fuller lives, enrich community’s affluence (village tourism), attract FDI, and above all secures peace and projects an unusual sense of community. IHTEF is a transaction ground for an intentional future built on hospitality and tourism in Nigeria and beyond.

About IHTEF 5.0

In the last 4 editions, IHTEF successfully emerged as a 'Platform of Minds' that has helped build capacity for the hospitality and tourism industry in Nigeria. Interestingly, it has provided uncommon ground for networking and meeting fresh ideas matched with amazing human connections from across the country and beyond. From Asaba, to Owerri and now Abuja, IHTEF has become a platform of collaboration and opportunity. This 5th edition will focus on how to transform the hotel industry in the emerging 4th Industrial Generation- Innovative Investment Approaches, Technology & Hospitality, Securing The Sector, Opportunities for Growth, Greening the Sector & Workforce Development.

About The 2020 THEME-

IHTEF 5.0: “Disrupt, Impossible is Nothing”

2020 is the beginning of a new decade that will be largely driven by innovation, technology and uncommon excellence. How will the hospitality & tourism sector match up with the speed of innovation? This epoch year will define the future of many things to come in different sectors of the global economy especially with the emerging 4th Industrial Revolution (Digital Economy). Undoubtedly, this will be the biggest disruption element that will engineer the heavy ‘re-skilling’ of the hospitality and tourism workforce. Therefore, IHTEF as a leading hospitality and tourism knowledge platform in Nigeria will underscore the urgent and growing need for the emergence of ‘new hospitality mindsets’ among industry actors in Nigeria and beyond. As the theme clearly defines, IHTEF 2020 will unleash ideas and opportunities that will disrupt the sector this decade.

Hotel and Tourism industry actors will through technology, excellence in service, good management to innovative products that satiate the taste of the travelers prove that really “Impossible Is Nothing.” That simply means understanding the future of work, re-skilling and applying same for productive and excellent purposes. We know this will be the biggest driver of revenue in the coming years.

Why Attend IHTEF 5.0

  • IHTEF is Nigeria’s top hospitality forum that offer unrivaled exciting knowledge sessions and improved engagements
  • Uncommon solutions delivered by excellent top of the range Keynote Speakers.
  • Opportunity to meet industry stakeholders and decision makers one on one
  • Leading advantage with a view to emerging as a reputable market leader

  • IHTEF delivers unrivalled insight into the future of hospitality as well as offers participants landmark networking platforms and transactional opportunities.
  • Delegates, companies, hotels, and sponsors will gain massive visibility as a result of being part of IHTEF Africa.


  • Exciting Sessions
  • Improved Engagements
  • Premium Keynote Speakers
  • Landmark Networking/Transactions
  • Massive Visibility for Delegates
  • Companies and Sponsors
  • Bed Making Competition
  • F& B Arcade
  • and more....


To build advocacy for excellence in the hospitality and tourism industry, build up superior local and international investments in the emerging green economy, grow national champions with excellent spirit as well as catalyze sustainable prosperity & employment in Africa.

Core Areas of Focus

  • Deepen the Inclusion of Tourism & Digital Technology in Africa
  • Quality Hotel Human Capital (Mentoring, Strategic Leadership and Management)
  • A Platform of Minds for Networking, Collaboration & Investments
  • Genuinely Promote and Pursue Low-Carbon and Eco-Sustainability in the sector.
  • Local Content Development in the Hospitality & Tourism Sector, Employment & Prosperity


The Conference is attended by, Hospitality and Tourism Icons and Influencers, International Hotel Chains, Continental Brands Out of Africa, Hotel Owners/Investors, Consultants, State Governments, MDAs, Environmentalists, Tourism Boards/Bureau, Delegates from African Countries, Green Economy Enthusiasts, Hotel Workers, Managers, Young Entrepreneurs, Students, etc